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DJ Heath is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Sydney. Her passion for creative writing led her to complete an online bachelor of communication with two majors: screen studies and creative writing. She also has a creative writing website www.creativedestination.com.au, which features a collection of short stories, micro fiction, poetry, and a weekly blog that is dedicated to empowering aspiring writers.

As well as writing travel articles for www.travelicious.com.au, Diana’s work has appeared in online publications such as www.short-story.me and www.ezinearticles.com.  She also works as a volunteer Editor for Unearthed Fiction magazine, which is part of The Australia Times, a free, magazine based, non-aligned, grassroots, national online publication.

Diana’s vision for Tourist-Travel-Tips is to provide a site that showcases all that Sydney has to offer tourists as well as sharing international travel tips and her personal travel stories.


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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Diana Jane Heath

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