5 Best Ski Resorts In The World

Almost every country that has a good winter climate has a selection of ski resorts. Some are good, some are excellent while others are maybe a little bit less satisfactory.

Regardless if you are an avid skier, enthusiastic snowboarder or just love a good snowy mountain scenery, you will probably appreciate a good ski resort.

It all starts with the slopes and the scenery and goes all the way through the restaurants and the atmosphere in the resort.

Considering all the things aforementioned, we have picked out the top 5 ski resorts in the world. Some may come as a surprise, while others you may have already put on your bucket list. Here they are:

1. Park City, Utah

This top ranked ski and snowboard resort has been awarded a top 10 spot on almost every list. With 7300 acres of terrain, Park City offers experiences that are an utter joy for every skier and snowboarder.

2. Aspen, Colorado

Colorado’s Aspen resort is a major family ski area and a real pleasure to all the snow lovers. Aspen, the home of the famous black-diamond terrain, has been on the skiers’ maps since 1947 and has kept the top 5 place ever since.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss ski resorts are definitely the ones that can pair up with the Colorado ones, and to no wonder. One of the favorite European ski destinations, Zermatt is a mountain resort that welcomes skiers, hikers and climbers year round.

4. Mont Tremblant, Canada

Among all the beautiful ski resorts in Canada, Mont Tremblant stands out as both a great romantic ski getaway and a family vacation destination to remember. Its vicinity to Montreal (just 90 minutes northwest) makes this place a mixture of adventure and easy urban experience.

5. Thredbo, Australia

Australia’s mild climate may not associate the rest of the world with skiing, but the avid Aussie skiers are already enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the land down under. One of the skiing gems is Thredbo, alpine village and ski resort, which is located within the Kosciuszko National Park in the NSW Snowy Mountains, and it offers the comfort of premium accommodation, longest ski runs, and fun nightlife.

Which ski resort to choose?

The right choice of ski resort dictates whether you will have an amazing snowy holiday or not.

No matter if you are choosing a more family-oriented trip or want to have a blast with your friends, the ski resort if is important for an enjoyable ski trip.

Make sure to research your ski resorts well before making the final pick — the ski resort should be a right fit in terms of the slopes, accommodation, and non-snow related activities after a day’s worth of skiing.


Guest blogger: Hellen McAdams

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