Travelling Solo or Travel With a Buddy

When it comes to taking holidays, is it better to travel solo or travel with a buddy? This is a question that plagues my mind whenever I am thinking of going on a holiday. I have holidayed with a buddy, but as a solo person traversing through life, there have been many times where travelling alone was the only option.

So, is travelling solo the way to go or is it best to have a travel buddy? 

Travel with a buddy.

If you can travel with a buddy there are numerous advantages.

1. You have someone to look after your luggage when you need to visit the toilet or have to order food.
2. You have someone to share your holiday with, take your photos, and someone to relive your holiday with when you return home.
3. You can save money with accommodation by choosing twin share and therefore avoiding the single supplement that many hotels and tour companies charge.
4. For the single ladies, there is an extra level of protection when you have a travel buddy. You can be anxiety-free when you want to visit an isolated place of interest, go for a ramble through the forest, and you can have someone to watch over your drink when you’re in the pub.

Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is a popular option with many travellers.

1. You can do what you want and go where you like.
2. You can have a room all to yourself.
3. Avoid any contention or arguments that can sometimes arise during a holiday.
4. Party all night and then arrive back at your hotel without having to explain where you have been.

I have had a chance to experience both of these two travel options, but sometimes your choice will depend on why you are travelling. If it’s a business trip you may not have the option to travel with a buddy.

Some female travellers may choose the travelling solo option as they travel solo very well and wouldn’t have it any other way, but I have had some scary moments whilst travelling on my own. But I have learned that this mode of travel can be done well if you practice some travelling safety tips.

Here is some advice for travellers who choose the travelling solo option.

Some of this advice may seem obvious but you may be surprised at how many travellers don’t adhere to these tourist travel tips and find themselves in dire straits.

  • Before you leave the country tell family and friends your travel plans, especially if you are booking your holiday online. I leave a copy of my itinerary with my family/friends even if I am going on a specialised tour.
  • Register with or a similar government department in your country.
  • If you are visiting an isolated place or hiking in the great doors, make sure you you tell someone where you are going, like a concierge or hotel manager. Take water, food, warm clothes, and a map/compass, as the digital guide of choice, the mobile/cell phone doesn’t always have network coverage.
  • For female travellers, never leave your drink unattended and, where possible, if someone offers to buy you a drink, order it yourself at the bar. 
  • When you’re travelling in a busy city, don’t explore deserted side streets and keep your bag securely in front of you or use a travel wallet under your clothes. Avoid stashing your cash or documents in your pockets. I know someone who doesn’t use a wallet and had lost a significant amount of cash after storing it in his shirt pocket.
  • Stay alert in crowds. Statistics show that cowardly muggers more often than not prey on people who stroll along nonchalantly or those who look fearful. So be brave and walk with an attitude.

Of course it isn’t always possible to avoid all problems and tragedies whilst travelling, but whether you travel solo or with a travel buddy, practicing these tourist travel trips and being prepared before you embark on your holiday can make all the difference.





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